Our Funds

Multi-Player Funds

The Mark Read team operate  Multi-Player wagering funds throughout the Hong Kong racing season.


The objective of the multi-player wagering fund is to generate absolute returns for members by betting on Hong Kong horse racing.

Our target return is high given the short timeframe of trade. We aim to return 15% net for the 2.5 month period.

Where is the fund money staked?

All betting is transacted through a dedicated totalisator account with full reporting access. This provides full transparency for all members. Totalisator account betting transactions can be viewed upon request.


Clients can follow the action in real-time via the net. View stakes placed with instant ‘live’ access to your traded fund, allowing you to cheer home the trade – first past the post.

Trade summaries and betting statements are also distributed after each race meeting.

Minimum buy-in

The minimum buy-in is AU$50,000 (HK$300,000) or currency equivalent per wagering fund. There is no minimum for additional investments.

Minimum duration

Members may play the minimum trading period of 2.5 months (or 22 race meetings).

Suggested time horizon

One or more racing seasons to maximise full potential.

Income distribution

At the completion of each trading period, client balances (buy-in balance plus net profits) are settled to client accounts in full. At that time clients may wish to be paid all or part of their account balance.

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