Our Funds

Wagering on Hong Kong horse racing, a complex investment methodology is applied to generate absolute returns for members and yes, we have always have “skin in the game” with our members.

At Mark Read the book is traded for the clients. All betting is conducted through a dedicated totalisator account with full reporting access.

Bets can be viewed in-real time via the net, so you get to cheer home the trade – first past the post.

Our target capital return is high given the short timeframe of trade. Each trading period is approximately 2.5 months.

The Profit Share Contribution (or fee) charged is based on the Gross Win Margin (or Profit Margin expressed as a percentage of betting turnover). The Profit Share Contribution is reduced on performance below budget. In betting terminology, the gross win margin is a traditional key metric used to measure profit/performance.

At Mark Read you partner with one of the world’s most experienced wagering managers, trading into the massive betting pools offered by Hong Kong horse racing, where the average turnover per race is 30-40x bigger than USA and Australia.

Participate in our Multi-Player Wagering Funds or opt for the Mark Read team to trade a Private Fund on your behalf.

At Mark Read success is built on results. See more on results on the ‘Fund Performance’ page of the website.

Note: Our service may not be suitable for everyone and can result in losses, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.

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