Our Trades

Mark Read is a Hedge Fund Manager performing trading investment on Hong Kong horse racing. A complex investment methodology is applied for the achievement of positive returns for fund investors over each HK racing season (September-mid July).

Mark Read always has “skin in the game” making a significant contribution with the members for each fund.

Mark Read has access and seeks the global wagering liquidity that uniquely HK racing provides. It has the best regulated racing with the biggest pool sizes in the racing world with co-mingled pools from 5 continents – the only truly international racing market place.

Wagering Fund Management aka 21st Century Bookmaking

Fund members are Mark Read’s partners who entrust their discretionary betting capital to our management. Mark Read has many tasks to perform : data base management and analyses, trading logistics and broker negotiation, book portfolio development and risk management, volatility awareness and protection, prerace and post race reporting to ensure transparency, marketing to achieve competitive scale for the member group.

Mark Read trades the book for the fund members 21st Century style. The Hong Kong Jockey Club has a reservoir of liquidity bigger than Melbourne Cup week for each of its 86 meetings per season. Instead of scribbling tickets and ledgering bets to fashion book liquidity 20th Century style; book liquidity is provided already processed for computer fashioning 21st Century style. The price to be paid is the HKJC betting tax and take.

The sum of the tasks for Mark Read, Fund Manager, is to create a margin of trading profit and turnover that delivers 20%+ net annual ROI for fund members consistently.

This is 21st Century bookmaking – the book is made from the global market for the member client not against the client!

Trading Period and Profit Share Contribution

The season is divided into 2 trading periods September-February and March-July.

The Profit Share Contribution which is the fee for Fund overheads is drawn after each period. Mark Read retains 33.33% of the gross win. All costs in conducting the trade are met by Mark Read.

There is the opportunity to withdraw without cost after the designated period.

Fund Member Sessions On Race Day

For both transparency and member interest, where practicable, our books are posted to be viewed in real time via the internet. This cannot happen until close to the “off” for both security and our automated betting system requiring the latest market movements in the pari-mutuel.

The HKJC market is pari-mutuel – all bets of a particular type are placed in a pool; taxes, the HKJC take and volume rebates are deducted, then the payout is calculated by sharing the pool among all winning bets.

Members can participate in the action from wherever they may be, alone or with friends. They can gauge, first hand, the power of volume rebates created by trading scale now made available to their investment dollar through Fund membership.

Mark Read – Your Partner

At Mark Read you partner with the world’s most experienced wagering manager, trading into the massive betting pools offered by Hong Kong horse racing, where the average turnover per race is 30-40x bigger than USA and Australia.

Participate in our Multi-Player Wagering Fund or opt for the Mark Read team to trade a Private Fund.

At Mark Read success is built on results. See more on results on the ‘Fund Performance’ page of the website.

Note: Our service may not be suitable for everyone and can result in losses, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.

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