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Private Trades

The Mark Read team operate privately traded wagering funds with a maximum of 4 members.


The objective of our private wagering trade is to generate positive returns for clients by betting on Hong Kong horse racing. The mix of betting strategies employs higher volume products with an increased appetite for risk and return.

Our target net return is 36+% to members this coming season by incrementally increasing margins and elevating turnover ratios.

Private trades can be managed more conservatively according to the choice by the member participant of the adopted strategy model.

Minimum buy-in

The minimum buy-in is AU$360,000 (HK$2m) or currency equivalent. (see ‘Multi-Player Funds’ page for minimum fund entry).

Minimum duration

Members may play the minimum of one trading session.

Suggested time horizon

One or more racing seasons to maximise full potential.

Income distribution

At the completion of each trading period, client balances (buy-in balance plus net profits) are settled to client accounts in full. At that time the client may wish to be paid all or part of their account balance.

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